Ignite Your Unique Career

GOLD COAST Thu 3rd May, 9am-1pm

Discover who you are and what you do best, so that you can build a business that is driven by your purpose.

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Want to build a business that is not only successful, but seriously personally fulfilling?

When I left my 9-5 job, it wasn't about chasing wild financial success in business. It was about chasing more fulfilment, more meaning and purpose, and total self direction. I also knew that if I wanted to teach my kids to interact boldly with this life, I had to do the same! 

I didn't just want a successful business, I wanted it to be seriously personally fulfilling, too.

Even after years of experience and  investing in almost $20k in training, I had huge questions that had nothing to do with the ‘how to’ of building a business. If you're anything like me, you might be wondering:

  • What work am I *meant* to do?
  • What business model is best for my particular set of personal and professional skills?
  • If I can get people to listen to me, what is it I actually want to say?
  • What is it that sets me apart from others in my industry?
  • What do I have to offer that no-one else does?
  • Who am I to even think I can do this?
  • Why should anyone want to listen to ME?
  • Which one of the 20 ideas I had in the shower this morning should I actually pursue (ffs)? 

When it came to answering these questions, the harder I looked, the more the answers alluded me!


Get to the source of your personal brand

Discover how exactly YOU bring more meaning, purpose and value to the world

Learn how to define and communicate what sets you apart from others

Unlock what other people think is fascinating about you. 


Connect to your Ideal Audience

It's no longer enough to be better, or to be different.

We must connect with our audience in a unique and meaningful way

Workshop how to meaningfully communicate what work you do, who you do it for, and how it helps your ideal audience

Feedback, support, collaboration

You cannot figure this stuff out in your head

You must say it out loud. You must learn how to give and receive feedback

We create a safe and inspiring place to be curious, explore, fumble, listen, and make things better, with other people who are trying to make things, and then make them better. 


Struggling to get to the source of what your personal brand is, what your business model should be, or how to actually grow your online business? This real-life workshop, with real-life coffee and real-life biscuits, is for you!


  • People who are trying to start or grow a business that is not only successful, but seriously personally fulfilling. 
  • People who know that the world is moving into a space where everyone has a personal brand, and what you create and share MATTERS.

  • Heart-centred people who are trying to carve out success on their OWN terms, and see the *huge* and even essential value in supporting each other, rather than competing against each other.


  • Network marketers/Multi-Level Marketer's (I love your drive, but I have zero experience in this model)
  • "Spammy" networkers who are looking for how people can help them, as opposed to how they can build meaningful connections and make a difference to others. *This is a no selling/pitching/soliciting event*
  • People looking for passive engagement (we will be working baby and it is a deep dive!)

What People Say About Working With Louise

"I love that Louise can provide constructive criticism whilst simultaneously empowering me and motivating me. I love that she helps to actually realise what “lights a fire in my belly”! I also LOVE that after every single meeting with Louise I walk away feeling that I have clarification and I am positively moving forward in my business. As someone that is very “green” to the world of online business and running their own business i can say without a doubt that Louise's assistance and feedback has been fundamental to my journey! Highly recommended!"

Kate M


This workshop is happening THIS WEEK. Book now to make sure you reserve your seat.


1 x workshop ticket

Real life coffee

Real life biscuits


About Louise 

Louise is a registered Occupational Therapist of 14 years, (a profession that has been described in medical journals as "the custodian of meaning") Louise has worked and travelled the world exploring ways to cultivate more meaning and purpose for herself and her clients. 

Louise has owned her own health and fitness business for 7 years. She speaks and writes in a very frank and humorous style, about topics such as motivation and values, self-awareness, identity, authenticity, doing work that matters, and monetising a unique career. 




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