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I wrote this book for people like you who are already moving. Acting on the little fire in your belly in some way.

Maybe you have a successful but unsatisfying business and want to make a pivot.

Maybe you’re in business already but you’re holding yourself back.

Or maybe, the fact that you’ve picked this book up is your very first action in alignment with your secret suspicion that you’re capable of something more or different. 

You’re listening. 

Once you’ve heard that inner whisper it’s very, very hard to unhear.

It’s true you’re doing fine right now, exactly as you are. But in some ways, it’s the very truth that you’re doing fine right now that is holding you back from taking that more challenging leap you think about only in your quiet moments. 


"Many of us are realising that it's time."

Many of us are realising it’s time.  

It’s time to reach out a hand to the inner creative that is curled up inside you, and lift them up. It’s time to look them in the eye, brush the chip crumbs out of their hair, and start down the path towards your version of freedom, meaning, and fulfilment.

It’s time to fiercely protect your energy, your enthusiasm, your worthiness, your creativity, your wellbeing, and your ambition for your work and your life.  

Your happiness, your survival, your ability to be the person (and for some the parent), you know you can be, may depend on it. 

It’s time to listen to the quickening inside your body that tells you more, better, or different is possible for you. 

It’s time to listen to the whisper that your past doesn’t have to control your future. 

That you can create a whole new story. 

It won’t be easy, but damn it’ll be good.  

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