4 Ways We Can Work Together

One of my highest priorities is to make my work accessible to you regardless of what point of your journey you're in

1:1 Consultations


As an Occupational Therapist (OT) I work with:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who are in the early stages of transitioning from traditional employment roles into the vast new world of working yourself
  • Established business owners who want to reimagine their position in the marketplace, and
  • People who are seeking to pivot their existing business into something that feels more aligned with their values, hopes and dreams for their life and work.

It can be nerve-wracking when you first seek help, I know as I've been through my own therapy and business mentorship. If there's one thing I know, it's that humans are better together.

To book a 1-off strategy session, or my flexible 12-24 week package, the best way to contact me is via the form on my 'GET IN TOUCH' page.

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Dare To Launch Online Program


After struggling to feel comfortable in my own skin for years, I finally decided to do something about it. What started as a quest to conquer my own insecurities and chase my business dreams, has turned into an approach that has helped my clients and members step into who they really are and confidently show up in their lives and businesses like never before.

 If you have a secret suspicion that you're capable of more, and at least the seed of an idea for a business, project or side-hustle, I want you to turn around and see me (and an epic community of like-minded owners) standing in your corner. 


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Speaking and Workshops


With the manuscript of my book *almost* finished, exciting new events and workshops are coming later this year!

To express an interest in a workshop, suggest a topic you'd like covered, or if you're an event organiser wishing to enquire about my speaking services, I'd genuinely love to hear from you!

Give my GET IN TOUCH button a workout. 

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Read the Book!


Overcoming internal barriers that keep intelligent, driven professionals a little bit stuck

"I came across my own audacity as I lay face down on the dusty, low-pile blue carpet commonly found in high-traffic areas like the hallways of public buildings..."

When you’re building your own brand, business, or empire, you can start the day feeling like a powerful force ready to dominate the world (or your corner of the internet), yet by the afternoon a smirk from a judgemental friend might be all it takes to completely unravel you.

We like to believe that anything is possible for us. We’re seeking more meaning, more flexibility, more authority over our own lives. We believe that we can wake up one day and choose to change the direction of our life if we want to.

So why is it so much harder than we first thought?

Whether you’re in the early stages of building your own venture, or at a major pivot point in your existing business, this book seeks to give you a deep knowing of who you are, what your best work is, and a practical framework for how to carry the torch for your work into the world.

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