Hi, I’m Lou

We all deserve to create a life that feels in alignment with what we secretly suspect we’re capable of.

9 years ago, I set out towards a future I could barely imagine with nothing but a partially formed idea and the audacity to take steps despite what I didn’t know.

The occupational therapist in me needed to turn that shit-show into a practical framework that would help others who have the seed of an idea, figure out how things might fit together for them.

I’ve been an Occupational Therapist (OT) for 17 years, and a business owner for 9 years. OT’s promote health and well-being through what we do, and how we do it, in a very holistic context.

In our profession, occupation is not just about our work roles or income generating activities.

The term occupation encompasses all of the things we do in all of our life roles that help us be who we are, create the meaningful life we want, and engage in society and culture.

My entire career has been centred around helping people build meaningful and purposeful occupations based on their individual strengths, needs and desires.

When working with people who are building their own business (or empire!) I use that professional foundation in combination with my post-graduate training, my own experience building a health and fitness business with both online and face-to-face consultative components, and the work I've done with other business owners around the world.

When we're launching or growing our own venture, we're often looking for tangible business, marketing, and positioning strategies. We're looking to find our ideal place in the market; communicate what we do; attract followers, and build systems that turn followers into customers in a predictable and sustainable way. That is often where my work starts - people find me because they're seeking to put systems and structures in place.

But it also goes deeper. For many people who are:

  • Transitioning out of a traditional employment situation and into self-employment or entrepreneurship, or
  • Pivoting an already successful business in search of more alignment

business building is also about pursuing more meaning, purpose, courage, flexibility and alignment in our lives.

It's about wrangling with the uncertainty, fear, self-doubt, overwhelm or anxiety that despite our outstanding skills and experience, works hard to keep many of us stuck and small.

In an industry that idolises the top few percent of successful business people and influencers, I strive to provide services that are real, heartfelt, practical, strategic, and accessible, every single day.

Bootstrapping a small business while raising small children was the easy, very hard part for me. Finding the confidence to make unexpected, brave and public choices for my life and my work, challenging myself to evolve when it’s sometimes scary as hell and I’m juggling a million other roles not least of which is parent of two children? That was the more challenging and unexpectedly magical part for me.

If you have a secret suspicion that you’re capable of creating change in your life that you’ve only dreamed of, I want you to turn around and see me standing firmly in your corner.

I look forward to working together!


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