Dare To Launch

Dare to Launch is a 6-week interactive program designed to help you do what it takes to launch your best work. 

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Face the Fear 

Build A Business 


Make your declaration

You have a project or goal you need to work on. It's the kind of project that makes you uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that if left to your own devices you could successfully avoid this project. You declare this project in week one. 


Launch a program

Promote an offer

Build a social media strategy

Reach a target eg audience, sales, content, output

Start a new project

Create a Scene


A scene is an environment that helps you do your BEST work. The scene we create inside Dare To Launch is a fertile group of leaders, idea generators, change-makers, cheer-leaders, strategists, creatives, talkers, writers and producers.

We get together to DO THE WORK on our own uncomfortable projects for up to 4 hours per week. 

Get Uncomfortable


When you're challenging conventional thinking (even if it's your own) it can be hard to stay focussed, driven, and productive...because the work is uncomfortable, you have a long to-do list, the festive season is coming, you're juggling a lot of balls... 

When you schedule an appointment to do your most important work, week after week, alongside other people who are also making a difference, it's easier to show up consistently, and get results

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How does it work?

  • 6-week goal focussed program - we learn while DOING. We practice showing up. We practice navigating the uncertainty, doubt, fear, and avoidance. We practice showing up and doing the work 
  • Project-based - you identify a project you need to work on
  • Up to 4 hours per week co-working and 'office hours.' You choose to do the work. alongside others doing their work, or, move into a break-out room to discuss, get feedback, share, and brainstorm
  • Real-time engagement - you set this appointment and protect it like it's your most important board meeting. Even though you're working on an individual project, the team will notice if you don't show up. Accountability is key to success
  • Multi-disciplinary - we create a group from diverse backgrounds. Research shows this is outstanding for innovation creative and problem-solving. 
  • Tools and prompts - although this isn't a course, you'll have access to short prompts and tools that help with strategic thinking, creativity, identity, and problem-solving. 
  • Guest mentors - want specific advice, guidance or inspiration? Use the suggestion box to get guest experts to share their wealth of knowledge. 

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Most Popular

  • 6 weeks of co-working and office hours
  • Up to 4 contact hours per week
  • Online only - work from anywhere
  • Tools and prompts
  • Bonus mentors
  • Private community to give and recieve feedback

Do What It Takes To Launch Your Best Work

Not many people talk about what it actually takes to build a successful business based on your skills, knowledge and experience. At Dare To Launch we not only talk about it, we make a realistic plan to help make it a reality.

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