Dare To Launch

So, the world has shifted.

I started my business during what I thought was a huge shift in my life. I was having a baby. Suddenly, everything that was important to me, changed. I wanted more autonomy, more flexibility, more creativity, more scalability. I knew that if wanted to teach my children they could be anything they wanted to be, I had to live that myself.

Now, with the pandemic, the whole world has shifted.

The way in which we work has changed. Some roles that previously required you to be at a physical location at a specific time are now more flexible. Others are far less flexible than they’ve ever been. And many jobs, systems and businesses that were previously dependable no longer are.

For some people, this shift has sparked new ideas about what’s possible for them. They’re ready to create long-term change in their life and work.

They’re ready to do more meaningful work. To take more ownership, make a difference, and live life on their own terms by building an offer, business, or empire that operates online.

They know it won’t be easy. They know they cannot simply take what they do now and put it all online. But they’re willing to figure it out, and they’re in it for the long-game.

Dare to Launch.

You imagine that right after you declare that you want to contribute something meaningful to the world, you’ll feel like superwoman standing on top of a mountain, in a power pose, with a cape flapping in the wind.

Actually, it can just feel kind of awkward.

There may be minimal barriers to entry when starting your own business, but that doesn’t mean the barriers don’t come up.

“Who am I to be doing this?” “Do I have what it takes?” “Will this ever make a consistent enough income to support the lifestyle I want?” “I don’t understand this tech!” “Is this work within my professional scope of practice?”

You don’t know how to talk about what you do to others. You don’t yet have the language for your ideas. None of the titles that other people use feel like the right fit: entrepreneur, start-up, founder, digital CEO…You’re just a person with an idea, trying to build something important, on a small budget. There’s not much start-up capital – the plan is for customers to pay you.

So…how do you get customers?

Avoiding the HYPE

When I first started the digital component of my business, I thought I just needed to build an online product or course and find customers to pay me. I bought an online course on how to build an online business. It promised the exact right steps in the exact right order.

There are thousands of books and courses out there selling short-cuts, hacks, and step-by-step processes promising massive success.

Dare to Launch is not that.

If you are to be successful it will be because you know who you are and where you can take people. It will be because you’re able to connect with others in a meaningful way. It will be because you are confident that you have all the skills you need to deal with life’s challenges. It will be because you’re willing and able to be creative, flexible and resilient, even if you have to start from nothing. It will be because you discovered a business model that works for you, showed up consistently, and learned how to provide value to a group of people who need what you have to offer. It will be because you have the strategies you need to carry the torch for your work into the world.

That’s what we practice together in Dare to Launch.


Service-based professionals who are ready to build their own online offering, and they’re in it for the long-game.


Dare to Launch includes:
An 8-week online workshop, with content that you will have access to for life An engaged community of like-minded people to support you, help you dig deeper and do better

Guest training from experts in the field (like H&E Group talking about branding and marketing)


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