It’s phenomenal that reading one sentence in a blog post can cause a fairly significant sensation of rage, and incite a flurry of activity. But that is what happened to my online colleague Jessica, after reading the following sentence:


“You are a Mom first and foremost.”


Wait. What?


Does that spark any particular feelings for you? 


Some women might nod their heads at that sentence. Yes. They agree. They are a Mother first and foremost. 


However, Jessica is not alone in feeling the rage towards this statement. There are entire generations of women feeling frustrated at what Valeria Luiselli in her novel Lost Children Archive aptly described as “the relentless social pressure to subsume personhood under motherhood.” 


Although I’m aware that this sense of injustice is made possible by our privilege, when Jessica turned to me for support, I felt compelled to weigh in on the topic for both...

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