Marketing to Yourself

creativity lifestyle Mar 12, 2019

After seeing no-one for YEARS, it's been a body health month for me this month. 


And it got me thinking, we don't just give our body over to anybody, we're very protective of it. We're very mindful and strategic about who treats, and how they treat our body.


However, it's far more challenging to have that same protective strategy over who influences, and how they influence, our minds. 


This week my amazing Physio friend Kylie treated some mega lower back problems that popped up. The woman is a magician and she saved my life (ok my week, and my sanity... this week). I've known Kylie my entire professional life and trust her absolutely. 


Yesterday I had my first session with my now favourite Osteo superstar @thesurfing.ostepath who agreed, leave your back management to your physio so we don't confuse the situation with different advice, different interventions, overload of information. He treated some jaw problems (I like to store...

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