Stepping into your Power

confidence Jun 13, 2016

I've done a lot of soul-searching around why I so passionately want to launch my online presence - it's not something that comes naturally to me at all! I've been on quite a journey over the past five years or so and everything that has happened in that time has led me to this point. This point where I have this huge fire in my belly! Where suddenly I've got a real sparkle in my eye, energy in my step, I motivated, I'm learning and developing, I'm loving life! But I've been searching for the big why. Why this? Why now? Why do I value this so much? Why am I so motivated in this specific areas of my life?

And it hit me not so long ago!

I am passionate about people, myself included who have this perception that they have lost their power. Not their power over the world, not power over anyone else. Their. Own. Power.

My name is Louise Wildbore. I am an occupational therapist and director of my own health and fitness business and in my lifetime, I have allowed other people to take...

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