What online influencers don't tell you about creating change

business lifestyle Feb 12, 2019

When we're trying to create a significant change in our lives, our level of motivation to make the change happen is likely to be impacted upon by our hope story - our level of hope that this desired change is actually possible.


So what impacts on our hope story?


Someone who has been trying to give up smoking/drinking/excessive shopping/overeating may have tried unsuccessfully to give up these habits loads of times before - without success. Every time they don't succeed, their level of hope is eroded a little more.


People who are trying to build their business or their side hustle and have had several failed launches, or are stuck in that cycle where they seem to be taking two steps forward and three steps back, are likely to have their hope story eroded over time. 


Someone who has been trying to have a baby without success for 5 years and then had 3 IVF attempts that haven't worked - well, you can imagine how difficult it is to have hope that one day it will happen. 


Compound that with a family member who is derisive about their attempts or ideas, or a friend who's tried something similar and failed, a family history of not quite making it, and their hope story is eroded a little more. 


Many on online influencers, especially in the business field are shouting at you to take action. They're giving you testimonials about the success of their other clients, they're repeating this mantra that you have something unique and extraordinarily valuable that only you can give.


And while that may be true, and while their testimonials and mantras might give you the level of hope required for you to buy their product before the clock runs out, it won't necessarily give you the level motivation and hope required to build your business.


It won't necessarily help you deal with the deeper more personal challenges that persistently pop up wearing all kinds of disguises and derail your self-belief, your motivation or your drive. All the things you need in order to choose work that matters, show up consistently with your unique perspective and connect with people who can truly benefit from your work.


It's not only the external strategies we need. And reassurance is not enough to create meaningful change. 




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