What is measured is mmm...take it to hell.

lifestyle Feb 16, 2019

I thought my weight was just gradually going up because...age...and not exercising...and...wine...and...a $10/day Jamon Serrano habit. 


All valid contenders. 


However recently I've got a new fit watch. I resisted all kinds of fit bits for a long time but this one earns me shopping vouchers and flight discounts, so...IN. 


Turns out, unless it's broken, that since I work mostly from home I only average about 3000 steps per day. Even when I do my resistance training (that's new the past couple of weeks).


Today I've been at home filming so at 2pm on this Saturday I'm up to a mere 599 steps.


That's not burning much energy, is it?!


The very first step to creating change is self-awareness. What can be measured can be managed, and now that I know this information, I can't un-know it. 


I'm going for a walk. 


PS. Since I have this watch, any steps taken without it on seem like a total waste, and my husband now asks me why I'm swinging my left arm so much all of a sudden (I wondered if it was broken). 


PPS. Cleansing my face with exaggerated arm movements gives lots of additional steps. I've tested it. Swimming gives me nothing on this particular watch model, so seems less worthwhile now! This is why I've avoided fit bits for so long. 



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