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Protecting Time For Your Most Important Work

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What is your most important work?


It's not to be confused with your most urgent work. 


To me, when I refer to your most important work it's your soul work. It's the ideas that keep popping up time and again. It's the work you secretly suspect you're capable of but you never quite get to. It's the work you know will move the needle on your business, or lead to more fulfilment and alignment.


Some people refer to it as working on your business, not just in your business.


But even though important work is, a-hem, important, it's also the work most likely to be moved to the bottom of the list.


Why? Because

  1. There are so many 'urgent' things on your to-do list, and,
  2. Your most important work inherently carries resistance. You really want to do it, but it's stretching conventional thinking and putting yourself out there, which is quite uncomfortable so it's kind of a relief to let legitimate excuses help you avoid said work.


What does this mean for you?


Let's go ahead in time. Imagine for a moment it’s March 2022 and you’ve just finished your most successful quarter yet!


What did you do differently that helped you achieve your goals?


Was it starting the festive season in November and then you blinked and it was February, and out of nowhere you found some motivation and pulled it together?


Probably not...



I’d love to promise it is easy to intentionally prioritise some time each week to focus on your best work, sit down and get it done. But we all know that carving through the noise, getting your brain to be creative right when you need it to, and navigating the layers of resistance can be a challenge…


...Especially when you’re one person doing a LOT of different tasks at the busiest time of year!


But we also know that you have what it takes to turn this seed of an idea into an epic reality.


You must find a way to protect the time you need to do your most important (soul) work


Navigating the barrier of fear/resistance/procrastination/uncertainty/overwhelm/fatigue/busyness is ever-present on our pathway to getting our most important work into the world and making the progress, money, or impact that we desire. 


Outsourcing the protection of your valuable time, having genuine support, an unshakable cheerleader, and accountability for showing up even when you feel resistance, can be crucial to your success.


How do you outsource the protection of your valuable time?

Dare To Launch is a project-based program that focuses on doing the work, and not hiding.



You set an appointment to show up for a minimum of 2hours per week, and bring your most important work. Dare To Launch takes care of bringing the others, and creating an environment that supports you not only to do your best work but also to share it in a way that makes a contribution to your industry and connects with your ideal audience. 


Custom designed for the busy season, Dare to Launch 2021 is a private community of entrepreneurs and business owners working on our own projects, together. 


If you have a project that is at risk of getting sidelined as we enter the festive season, and you’d like to protect some time to do your most important work in a supportive environment and enjoy it, Dare To Launch might be for you. 


Things you might work on are:


  • Launching an offer, program or project
  • Creating a 2022 social media strategy/bulk content creation
  • Copywriting/developing a new offer
  • Creating a marketing strategy
  • Reaching a target for your business (sales, audience growth, outcomes…)
  • Preparing a marketing calendar for 2022
  • Updating a past offer
  • Repurposing content
  • Launching or mapping out a blog or podcast strategy
  • Starting your first book or ebook
  • Creating opt-ins or freemiums to build your list
  • A website build


If you’d like to learn more about Dare To Launch, click here!


Work starts week beginning Monday 22 November 2021 and breaks for two weeks over the festive season. 



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