Motivated by Mediocre

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2018

When I see world-class, life-changing work, I never think "I could do that!"

When I read an average book, see an average-quality blog, watch an awkward video, sit through a shitty workshop, complete a lack-luster course, or listen to a boring person speak, I often think "I can do this!"


Brilliant work is enjoyable, phenomenal, inspiring.

Mediocre work moves me to act. 

In fact it's how my career started. A friend of mine in high-school was in a catastrophic car accident. He worked very effectively with his Physiotherapist. However, he refused to work with his Occupational Therapist. Not because the work wasn't important, but because her approach didn't have the chemistry he needed to be inspired to act. 

I looked at her and thought, 'I like the meaning behind this. I can be effective at this.'

The world is made up of mediocre people doing brave things. People who are not as smart, funny, creative, confident, experienced, knowledgeable, inspiring or committed to your thing as you are, doing brave things. 

You can do brave things too. 

The first couple of times you do, the outcome might be shitty. But if you work at it, you will develop competence and with competence will come confidence. 

If the work really matters to you, you will be willing to let the world see the shitty that comes before the brilliant. 


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