Marketing to Yourself

creativity lifestyle Nov 16, 2020

After seeing no-one for YEARS, it's been a body health month for me this month. 


And it got me thinking, we don't just give our body over to anybody, we're very protective of it. We're very mindful and strategic about who treats, and how they treat our body.


However, it's far more challenging to have that same protective strategy over who influences, and how they influence, our minds. 


This week my amazing Physio friend Kylie treated some mega lower back problems that popped up. The woman is a magician and she saved my life (ok my week, and my sanity... this week). I've known Kylie my entire professional life and trust her absolutely. 


Yesterday I had my first session with my now favourite Osteo superstar @thesurfing.ostepath who agreed, leave your back management to your physio so we don't confuse the situation with different advice, different interventions, overload of information. He treated some jaw problems (I like to store my stress there) and he provided intervention with my c-spine, upper traps and jaw including some dry needling. Again, I trust him completely, he has done work with my husband and many of our highly discerning clients who all give raving feedback. His approach to initial assessment, diagnosis and treatment gave me total confidence, I'm all in. 


I've also been to my Dermatologist this month - I don't rely on a GP or anyone with a 'special interest' in skin or skin cancer, my grapple with malignant melanoma at 25 years old has me going straight to the top. 


And finally, without wanting to sound like an old and decrepit woman, I'm booked in with my podiatrist this week.


I've got separate physical professionals from the tips of my toes to my back teeth, and they're all are amazing at what they do.


Yet, when it comes to who is allowed to influence our mind, we're less aware and less discerning. We give permission to the (sometimes hundreds) of people we follow on social media to interrupt and influence our thoughts multiple times every day. We go looking for it!


We consume so much media and content through our phones and our environment that our inner voice doesn't have a chance to be heard.


We google information and trust not who we've carefully vetted, or who is most effectively qualified or whose approach we've evaluated with our own critical thinking, no, more often than not, we trust whoever comes to the top of the google search when it comes to information.


I think it's important to remember that the person whose information comes to the top of the google search may not be the person best positioned to provide the information we're seeking, they're more likely the best at marketing their information. Their information is not tailored to us, it's tailored to getting to the top of the Google search. 


I think it's important to remember that while we don't have total control over our newsfeed, there are some controls we can exercise. Everyone we see outside of sponsored ads is a person, business or team we've invited to influence our minds regularly. Every social media platform we use allows us to choose whether or not they are permitted to interrupt us with notifications, and whether they're on our phones at all. 


I think it's important to remember that while we may not be actively aware of it, we're bombarded with messages that influence us all day every day from our environment and if we want to regain the ability to influence our own mind, it absolutely takes some conscious, strategic and consistent effort on our own part.


Some of the ways I do this is:

  • Consciously leaving my phone behind, especially on walks, or using my phone for guided meditation instead of social or content
  • Attending breakthrough breathing sessions with my friend Nicola @pilatesforwomen
  • Having conscious, face-to-face and heart facing conversations with people I love who are also 'in the arena' AND parenting (+/- coffee, +/- pastry, +/- Rośe)
  • Exercising with the legend that is my husband and PT @dean.wildbore and a small team of boss ladies
  • Driving with no radio, no podcast, no phone calls
  • Strictly vetting who I allow into my social media newsfeed, and clicking "I don't want to see this" on bad ads
  • Playing with new approaches 
  • Playing with my children
  • Seeing qualified professionals for tailored advice
  • Going on family walks, hikes and bike rides
  • Trying to be self-aware when I'm hiding from life via my Kindle, my phone, online shopping, social media, MAFS and other bad yet addictive TV, and general full-time content consumption (this happens to me, it's part of how I hide)
  • Putting boundaries around my work time so I can actually be productive
  • Putting my phone on airplane and do not disturb mode when I'm in the zone, or want to be out of the zone
  • Not multitasking, especially when I'm eating (this is haaaarrrrdd)


I'm not great at this stuff, most of the time. But self-awareness and a desire for change is the first step, and small changes can change your world, even just for a moment. We just have to keep marketing the benefits of ourselves, to ourselves. 


I'd love more ideas! What strategic ways do you take control of who, or how your mind is influenced and allow your own inner voice a little time to sneak through? And I don't mean that one that says nasty sh*t, I mean the one who pushes you back towards the mothership.