How to do business YOUR way

business lifestyle Feb 13, 2019

When we're looking for answers on how to do business, marketing, audience building, parenting or lifing in general, we think we're looking for the best way, the fastest way, or the most effective way.  


Logically we know there is no one best way.


What we're trying to figure out is OUR way.


We won't listen to the person who tells us the best way to build an audience is blogging if we've no interest in writing.


We won't listen to the person who tells us the best way to make money is to sell laxative tea for weight loss if it's not in line with our values.  


We're looking for the best way to use our own strengths, skills, interests and values even if we're not yet able to name what they are. 


The reality is that we're going to do business in a way that no-one else does.


To do that we're going to try a lot of different things, we're going to collage together a lot of different advice and training, we're going to draw on our life experience, our skills, our dreams, our strengths, our failures and hurts. We're ultimately going to make a contribution that's never been made before, even if the path to that contribution involves first mimicking the way others do it. 


It's all part of the messy, scary AF, exhilarating creative process.


It's all part of what we've signed up for.


So best get to work. It takes longer than you think!






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