Feeling Stuck? How to gain confidence and clarity in your online brand.


So you’ve done an online course about building a business, and it turns out it’s freaking way bigger, way more challenging and way more expensive with more moving parts than (a) you could have dreamed of and (b) ‘they’ first lead you to believe when you made that *huge* step and purchased the $2K course!

If you’re anything like me, you got drawn in with promises like:

“All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you can start making money online”


“Anyone can build an online course; you have a unique gift that only you can share with the world!”

and my favourite,

“I’m going to show you the RIGHT STEPS in the RIGHT ORDER (or the ever popular my exact BLUEPRINT) so you can build a business and life that you love.” 


You've done the course, you've an idea of what steps you should take. But you just feel stuck. There’s so much desire! And so much self-doubt. There’s Fear. Uncertainty. The job is so BIG. There are so many technical things to figure out. You don’t have the cash you need to invest in the right tools and the right help. You’re not even sure your idea has legs, if it’s worth the investment. You tried hiring a VA from overseas but that wasn’t the $3/hr magical unicorn you were hoping for, and that $2000 course was just the start, there’s still so much to learn and the bills keep coming!

BUT you’ve invested this far. You know in your heart that you can do this. If other people can, why not you right? You’re here for the long game. You know you can do this with the right support. You’ve got this mad passion to carve out success on your own terms. You're not ready to give up. You just need a bit of clarity, confidence, consistency and forward momentum!


  1. You need to stop scrambling for outside tools and strategies to help you find the answer. The answer does not lie in a blog, a podcast, a challenge, the right Facebook Ad, or a free course or webinar.
  2. The answer lies in your clarity, your confidence in yourself and what your doing, and your courage to feel the fear and do it anyway (tough right? I'll help you!)
  3. It’s this beautiful paradox - you need to get to know yourself waaay better, but you also need to get the hell out of your own head, and get the hell outa your own way.

I’m going to tell you what you need to do. Because not only have I been there, a lot. I STILL come back to this place as a regular visitor, it’s NORMAL. But you don’t want to spend too much time here.


1. Stop scrambling for free stuff

There is so much information available online to help you build your online business, and a lot of it is free.

But you’ve done an online course right? You KNOW that that’s the gig. Give away valuable, free information but don’t give them all of the info they need, give them enough just to hook them, so they know the WHAT but to get the HOW they have to buy your course.

Free content is not going to solve your problems, it’s going to keep you stuck, and overwhelmed.

The answer doesn’t lie in an isolated strategy that people give away for free like how to get your content seen more on social media, how to convert viewers into buyers, how to build high converting Facebook ads, how to start a podcast, how to write a blog, or how to 10x your followers.

Jumping from shiny object to shiny object and consuming more and more information and advice without taking serious, meaningful and consistent action, is going to:

  • Keep you damn stuck and overwhelmed
  • Make you compare yourself to others and ultimately feel like shite
  • Take you further from knowing WHO you are and finding your unique VOICE.

There is no magic pill. There is no one fail-safe strategy. There isn’t. You feel me? There simply isn't. Stop opting in to stuff.

2. Set some serious social media boundaries.

You’re filling your days, nights and weekends with busy work. But ask yourself this:

  • Is it moving the needle on your business kind of work? Or,
  • Is it the stuff that you feel comfortable with, and an excuse to avoid the hard stuff that you know you really should be doing?

 It takes one to know one. I was a huge social media procrastinator. I had a thousand excuses on why what I was doing on there was important (I'm researching, I'm learning, I'm making a post *4 hours later I'm making same post*, I'm taking a break)

But here’s the truth. Perfecting things, and learning things and focussing on the stuff I enjoyed was my brain's way of escaping the stress of all the things I needed to do that were hard, or uncomfortably real. It was my brain's way of escaping the stress of how much I needed to monetise this because my bills were pilling up. It was my brains way of making me feel busy, and busy is good right?

 Wrong. Busy is keeping you stuck.

You need to clear your newsfeed of the millions of “gurus” you follow, the ad’s you’re forced to see (start clicking on “I don’t want to see this ad” from the drop down menu), and the groups you’re in. It’s all distracting you from the stuff you need to be doing.

Do you know some of the people who have joined my private Facebook group are in 200-300 online groups??? Madness! No wonder they’re stuck. I digress…

Choose just 2 or 3 inspiring mentors or groups who:

  1. Have your trust - for all the content you’ve seen from them, have you ever taken action on something they’ve advised and noticed a genuine change in your perspective, your life or your business? If yes, keep them.
  2. Deliver consistent, high quality content that is free of all the bullshit claims like 10x your business, do a 6-figure launch in 3 easy steps etc. Content that is more than just throw away motivational quotes that give you a 2 second hit of inspiration and then disappear amongst the baby pics and cat videos
  3. Look for authenticity, and longevity. Online expert years are like dog years. People come and go so damn quickly, you don’t want to take advice from a fly-by-nighter who had a great click bait headline and then disappeared
  4. Read the headlines they put out and think to yourself “If have a real life conversation with this person, would I be drawn to them or repelled?” You know deep down what is achievable and what is not - and there is no one magic formula. There isn’t. You feel me on this one by now surely. Right you guys?
  5. Look at the comments section. Is that 'expert' just there to build their own popularity by dropping a post and running, or are they and their team inside the comments section responding to engagement and treating everyone like a real person?

If they don't do this? Dump them. Brazenly unfollow gurus/mentors/coaches and influencers, and even ‘friends’ who are sucking the life right out of you and generally distracting the hell out of you.

You need to only see stuff that makes you take ACTION for much longer than the time it takes you to consume it. 

OK. What now?

For the stuff you did keep, turn your notifications OFF. For EVERYTHING. You need this. It's so powerful! YOU need to own your social media time, no-one else. You can set aside a specific amount of time each day, or even 2 or 3 times per day, to go in to your social platforms and emails to check what’s going on. You get in, and you get out.

It gives your brain such freedom to focus on the really important stuff when you know that you’re not depriving yourself of social all together, you’re just taking your power back over your own time and energy.

3. Focus on building clarity and confidence in yourself and your brand.

I know this is really what you're looking for when you opt-in to free tools and listen to a million blogs, articles and podcasts. You're looking for the know-how to build a bigger following, to get your content seen more, to find some level of ease in generating your content, and ultimately to attract more customers and sales. You want to make it just start to WORK and MAKE MONEY consistently.

I’m going to guess, if you’re stuck you’re thinking things like:

  • I don’t have confidence in my content or the look and feel of my pages
  • I don't know how to say what I'm trying to say!
  • I’m confused / I’m not great at this
  • I’m not sure what message is, and how to share it
  • I don’t know who my authentic self is / what I stand for / what I believe in / what I’m doing
  • I just need my posts to get seen more
  • I’m not sure if this opt-in box should go here, or here
  • This is stupid, I can’t share this people will think I’m a novice at best, and an idiot at worst
  • I’m not even sure this is going to work
  • At what point do I just admit this is too hard and do something else?
  • How long can I keep this up for? I need it to work NOW
  • And so much more fear, self-doubt and overwhelm

For me, it took a while to get my focus right. I didn't need to figure out how to reach more people, I needed to figure out how to authentically be me so that when my audience did find me, they wanted to stay and be a part of what I had to offer. They were asking ME how they could work with me, what they could buy from me. They wanted to be a part of my community.

The first two years of online business for me were all about figuring out who I am, what the hell I’m trying to share with world, why I really want to do this, and how to find the confidence to put it all out there. Believe me, I tried to put a product in front of people before I had this nailed, and it was a huge flop. It didn't connect with people. I didn't get any engagement, and people didn't buy what I was selling. 

It wasn’t until I…I almost wrote ‘it wasn't until I figured this out...’, but that’s not true I think this bit is a lifelong practice. It wasn’t until I gained a lot more clarity around who I am (that shit is hard for shy introverts man), and what my values are, what I believe in and the difference that I wanted to be known for, that my business really started to take off and I started to feel like I could be confident in my personal brand, and generally feel much less like a chaotic, home-grown, on-again of-again mess both online, and in real life. LOL. FFS.


So, with that in mind I have developed a little personal branding workbook that you can complete to help you figure out ONCE AND FOR FREAKING ALL, who you are, what you believe in and how to build your personal brand with clarity and confidence. Gah, I would have loved to have this when I first started. You can download it here. Yup, it costs you your email address and gives me permission to love all over you with more how to get to know yourself, how to build your confidence and your personal brand and be Brave. Like a Boss! all over town, so that you can finally launch and grow your online business.

WAIT. Didn't you just tell me to stop opting in to free stuff?

Yes. THIS though, this is specifically designed to give you clarity, confidence and courage in your personal brand. And THAT is what you need in your business right now. THAT is what you need before you can even start tackling your Facebook Ad's or growing your audience. 

If you want to get clarity on your brand and your business you have to get out of your own head, and you can't do it alone. You must have a community, you must put your content out into the world and get feedback on it. And that stuff is hard. Join my private Facebook group: Brave. Like a Boss! to surround yourself with supportive, funny, like-minded people. 

Right. That’s me OUT. Off for a drink with some friends! See you soon. Like a boss.

BUT, that's not you out. You need to start taking action. Do the steps now:

1. Join our Private Facebook Group Brave. Like a Boss!

2. Download your free Personal Brand Workbook

3. Do your social media clear out

4. Type DONE or DOWNLOADED in the comments below to hold yourself accountable! I'll be personally responding to each and every comment today!

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