An open letter to my daughter on her birthday

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2016

2 December, 2016

To my daughter,

You are an inspiration to me every day.

I love your determination. Your ability to decide what you want and go after it, to achieve it at any cost.

I love that you never let the size of your body hold you back. In fact the size of your body is completely irrelevant to you. No goal is out of reach when you are fearless and have persistence and tenacity in spades. You are proof time and time again that little really can beat big.

I love your resilience and grit. That you fall down everyday but you get back up and try again. You may rest, but you never give up.

That you fight back, tooth and nail if anyone ever tries to take advantage of you. Boy, girl, man or woman.

I love that you laugh openly. Totally free of inhibition. Laugh and snort. Really cack yourself! But you don't feel obliged to. You feel your feelings and if you feel stern, you be stern. It's not your job to be anything for anyone else.

I love that you dance. With fervour. With your whole body. At the very first beat of music. Or even my off tune singing.

I am in awe of your curiosity, the way that you explore your world, with rapt enthusiasm and all of your senses.

Your affection makes my heart burst. A thousand times per day.

I love your courage, and your total faith that if you fall, or lose your way we will be there to love you, comfort you, guide you.

Happy FIRST birthday Big Girl!

I feel the weight of my responsibility as your parent, to help you nurture and retain all of these amazing qualities as you grow up in this world. I don't know the way yet. But I'm figuring it out. I'm practicing with your brother and I've built a really good village around us. Your Dad is the most amazing, and we'll never be complacent. That's our promise to you. Thank you for teaching me every day.


Ferocious love,

your Mum.

PS there a some things I could do with a little less off. Your resistance to sleep is one. Your tendency to bite just lately, your fascination with my armpit while you're feeding, the mess you leave around the house, and I'm seriously looking forward to you using the toilet on your own. Other than that though, you're killing it sweet girl.



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