Making unexpected, brave choices scares the hell out of you

...and you want to do it anyway? Me too.

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Hi, I'm Louise Wildbore

It's not easy to turn to the people closest to you and say "I'm not going to be the person you thought I was going to be." It's not easy to transition away from a secure, predictable, well-paid job and towards creating something that hasn't been created before, at least not the way you'd do it. But, sometimes we want to do it anyway!


I’m Louise Wildbore and I know your work role needs to evolve to fit the various needs of different stages of your life.  I'm a business owner, Occupational Therapist, and founder of the online program Dare to Launch. My entire career has been centred around helping people build meaningful and purposeful occupations based on their individual strengths, needs and desires. 


Bootstrapping a business while raising small children was the easy hard part for me. Finding the confidence to make unexpected, brave and public choices for my life and my work, challenging myself to evolve when it’s sometimes scary as hell, and I'm juggling a million other roles not least of which is parent (of the year)?


That was the more challenging, and unexpectedly magical part for me.


That was the real work that I fell in love with.


I do this work because I know that doing work that matters if life changing. I know that work freedom and time freedom is possible, but the challenges are real. Our current ecosystem does not support small businesses and micro businesses very well. Our current definition of success in broken. My own experience with creating my own roles, building both physical and online businesses and wrangling with the fear, self-doubt, overwhelm and anxiety that works hard to keep many of us stuck and small, fuels me to provide services that are real, heartfelt, practical, strategic, accessible and emotional (yes emotional), every single day.

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