I believe the most effective way to make a difference to others, is by doing work that is meaningful to YOU.

So you want total freedom and self-direction in your work life? I help people overcome the internal barriers that are keeping them stuck, overwhelmed and unfulfilled, so they can build the business and life of their dreams.


Meet Louise

I'm obsessed with inspiring the kind of meaningful change that provokes people to do the work that they ought to do, create the life they're actually inspired to live, and become the person they know they can be.

I believe in you. I believe in genuine connection. I believe that your work matters. I believe you make a difference. 

Seeing it in others is easy. Seeing it in ourselves can be harder! Sometimes you need someone else to reveal your blindspots, to show you what is right in front of you but you can't quite see it, you're too close. 

I'm excited by the change in the way we see employment, that some of us are creating our own definition of success, and creating the work that aligns with our values and our lifestyle rather than controlling it. 

I'm excited that some of us are recognising that success doesn't need to mean extended time away from our family, high stress, overload and burnout. 

I'm excited that the barriers to launching personal brand based businesses are so low, but I recognise that the internal resistance that comes up after the excitement of the initial decision and launch can be huge. I help you with that. I'm driven by helping you with that.  

Oh, I'm also an Occupational Therapist of 15 years (who feels too young to say I have had 15 years of experience being anything), creator of online and real life workshops, eater of chocolate croissants in my active wear, lover of travelling, and mother to two wild and wonderful children.